About Us

Textile Minh Khai (Mikhaimex) is one of the leading unit of Hanoi industry. The company was started in the 1960s to produce to meet the needs of the washcloths, towels for the domestic market, and exports. Especially in markets such as Japan, Korea, USA, EU ....

After nearly 50 years in production and market development, our company is proud to be pioneering companies in the field of textiles, manufacture towels, towels, bath towels, hand towels ... export quality high quality, the company's products are manufactured in the industrial system of modern equipment from Europe. Now the company has achieved much success and become a Vietnam leading enterprises with strong brand name in the field of textiles.

Products 100% cotton, rich color, variety and luxury. Towel has a soft, waterproof good, high color fastness, not dry hard, luxury, non-susceptible to skin and feels comfortable to use. Come to our company, you can choose the product best luxury linens for hotels, Spa or for other purposes is the value ban.Khach basic line of any business, is the sole reason for businesses to survive and grow. TEXTILE Import Export JSC Minh Khai always listen, analyze and understand the needs of each customer and application experience, their thinking skills to solve those needs optimally. Natural materials, environmental friendliness, proximity to consumers .. The color diversity, luxurious textures, suitable for all aesthetic needs.

For customers: Wholesale bulk to dealers and receive quantity order at the request of the hotel spa.

Wish all our customers, partners, and you health, success and happiness!

On the basis of friendship and cooperation, mutually beneficial, harmonious combination of benefits, we are committed to extensive cooperation further with customers, partners and those interested in

Contact Information: Mrs. Ngoc Quyen 098.207.8191 - Sales Manager