About Us

Doan Ket Textile Company Limited We operate in field of manufacturing and trading of various yarns as well as trading of raw and ancillary materials such as cotton and other textile fibres. Up to present, we have equipped ourselves with advance and synchronous assembly lines, for instance, Truetzschler (Germany), Schlafhorst (Germany), Muratec (Japan), Uster (Switzerland). With over 30.000 spindles, we provide the market with 600 tons per month of yarns of all sorts.

With our goal to provide “First –class Quality”, we continuously deploy cutting-edge technology and engage in staff training and development to ensure high and improved product quality. Our products go through vigorous quality checks using modern machinery and equipments in order to meet various technical parameters. As such, our products have gradually affirmed our brand in the domestic market and as of current, our products are being exported to many countries throughout the world, such as, Turkey, Korea, China, Thailand and Malaysia. With Viet Nam having joined and soon to join Bilateral Trade Agreements, particularly, the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement will open up significant opportunities for textile industry. We expect to invest in another assembly line with capacity of 25.000 – 30.000 spindles for production of 100% cotton yarn in year 2016.

We always aim to stabilize the product quality, timely delivery, competitive prices. Because our mission is not only to provide products for the society but also to create business value, and responsibility to the community in protecting the environment, support local economic development.