About Us

Operating since 1995

Kurg was established in 1995 as a two-member team and now employs over 60 people. Our company aims to provide best quality Indian products at competitive prices. Our journey has been phenomenal. We supply over 1,000 products divided into four different categories. Major categories are, Leather products and T-shirts.

Supported by Quality Assurance Team

We produce/procure all the products from the best sources across the length and breadth of India. Once this is done, our quality assurance team segregates the materials on the basis of specifications laid down in national and international standards. Then, the products are finally forwarded for packing and sealing, as the case may be before they are shipped to the customer. Our journey started when we became fascinated by the idea of discovering the needs of people in the world by visiting different countries.

High Quality is Guaranteed

What if you could fulfill your needs by just a click. It may sound crazy but we wanted to build the closest network with people all across the globe. While there are many things being exported, we realized there is no better way to provide maximum satisfaction by providing right things at the right place to the right people. Product may be worth a thousand dollars but the quality provided would certainly be worth millions. We assure the standards maintained at international level.

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