About Saam Textiles

Clothing is one of the strongest human desires. A desire to be different. A desire to look beautiful. A desire to be comfortable. A desire to make a statement. A desire that is fulfilled by that perfect piece of fabric made by SAAM. Woven with passion, our fabrics speak a story of novelty.

SAAM Textiles has started its operations from 24th September 2001. Over the years, with the belief that there are no shortcuts to excellence. At SAAM we have moved from strength to strength. The company caters to large retail chains and corporate clients in United Kingdom (UK), South Africa, Australia & USA. Today, as a company we have put the firm on the international map of premium Suiting, Shirting and Uniform Fabrics.

SAAM products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and the lab is accredited with Marks and Spencer's standard accreditation scheme and is under NABL accreditation process.

The company is certified as SA 8000:2008 for achieving excellence in accountability towards the "SOCIAL FIBRE".

About SAAM Textiles Logo

We wanted to have a logo that showed what we do as a company and portrays the values we believe in. The logo consists of a weave pattern signifying that we are in the textiles industry. The intertwining threads of the weave show team work and unity. We chose the colour blue for the logo as that is the colour of the fabric that we make the most. The logo comprises of an S and 2 A's that together form an M thus encompassing the alphabets of the name of the company, S standing for Shaurya, A for Armaan, A for Archana and M for Mukesh.