About Us

Silver Brothers Co. Ltd(SBCL) was founded in 2010 by reorganization of Silver Knitting Company (SKC) which was established in 1970 for production and export of Knitted Sweaters. SKC had 4 factories in South Taiwan for 35 years and ever exported to USA, EU and Japan in the total amount of US$6,000,000.00. However, due to the shortage of quota and China was opened to international market, Silver Knitting Company (SKC) was forced to shut down all the Sweater factories in Taiwan. In the period of 1970 to 2006 the President of SKC Thomas Huang was elected Chairman of Taiwan Sweater Industry Association, Chairman of Taiwan Textile Federation, Chairman of Taiwan Textile Research Institute and President 2000 of International Apparel Federation. He created plenty of business relation with textile and apparel industries in Taiwan and the world, he changed his business strategy from manufacture of labor intensive sweater to invest in manufacturers of apparels, functional FABRIC and YARN who should be very strong for R&D and MARKETING. In order to enforce exporting, SBCL was thus born. SBCL not only export their own sweaters and bathrobes but also export the apparels, fabrics and yarns produced by his invested and associated factories. It is very convenient for the customer to do the ONE STOP PURCHAGING. The most successful factory he invested in is SINGTEX INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD who developed the COFFEE FABRIC and got the approval of patent and blue sign.

SBCL is devoted to the order of high end fabric and yarn which can be produced in Taiwan. As for the low-end products, we committed to a company in China who handles our orders. This arrangement keeps SBCL growing up day by day. Our advertisement only shows the products we produce in Taiwan. May this introduction of SBCL be attractive to the importers and wholesalers from every corner of the world.