About Us

Aaditya Texchem is a one stop solution for all the needs of fabric manufacturers,be it apparels like sarees & dress materials,curtains & upholstery,suiting & shirtings or even industrial like automotive & defence fabrics.Our technical background,long experience & understanding of markets help us to interact with customers and select suppliers to fulfil their needs.

We have serviced our customers with basic Draw textured yarns ( DTY ) or Full drawn yarns ( FDY ) in ALL lustre’s since 1990’s.Conventional dyed yarns for warp and weft are available in a variety of deniers.Dope dyed fully drawn yarns ( DDFDY ) or Dope dyed textured yarns
( DDDTY ) help customers in maintaining consistency of colors in fabrics.We supply a wide range of Airtextured yarns ( ATY ),produced from viscose, polyester and nylon with various effects like neps and slubs to have silk or natural look & feel fabric.

We offer fancy effect spun yarns produced from cotton,viscose, and blended yarns produced on latest state of art machines.Pure linen,excel linen,yarn dyed linen blends are also available in various batch sizes to suit customer needs.

Lycra covered yarns,mono covered yarns,self stretch yarns,bishrinkage yarns,bulk yarns can help add value to your fabrics.

Our motto is be ahead of the curve in the fast changing field of fashion and trends.We strive to supply and service all the needs of our customers in variety of yarns.