About Us

Aero Fibre Private Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of recycled hollow conjugate & hollow polyester staple fibre in India. We were incorporated in 2012 and started construction of our factory in 2016 at Silvassa (180 km from Mumbai). By the end of 2017, we established a state of the art manufacturing line infused with the most advanced technology with a core focus on quality. Our company is dedicated to fully exterminate PET bottles waste in an environmentally conscious manner in the country.

We installed a capacity of 18,000 tonnes per annum to produce variants of hollow conjugate and hollow fibres in silicon, non-silicon and slick finishes.

The major applications of our products are in pillows, soft toys, cushions, sofa and furniture’s, mattress, wadding and other home textile products.

A million PET bottles are bought around the world every minute in 2017 and it is expected to rise by another 20 % by 2021 creating an environmental crisis. PET bottles take about 400 years to decompose, which makes recycling them extremely imperative.

An average PET bottle weighs 20 grams in India, so in the day, we are able to recycle 2.5 million bottles per day. This translates to 9 Billion Bottles a year. These bottles are undergoing a transformation from dirty landfills to nice homes.

Our company was created with the idea to reduce non-eco-friendly waste in the country. Especially due to the initiatives of the Government of India via the Swatch Bharat Mission, a lot more waste was getting collected and thrown into landfills. Seeing this problem emerging, we decide to set up a plant to wash PET Bottles & convert them into the recycled fibre. Giving a new life to this accumulated plastic.

We believe that anyone recycling waste should do so without adding any other pollution or impact on the environment. Thereby, from the start, we decided to have a state of the art Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) in our factory. This is to ensure that we only have a positive impact on the environment.