About Us

Bark Exim is located in Surat City, Gujarat State which has convenient transportation and developed economy. Our Company is a professional importer of computerized embroidery machine. After twelve years of efforts, our company has established itself as a modern enterprise which has large scale production, strong technical force and strong funds. Company manufactures “Goodluck” brand embroidery machines including flat embroidery machine, coiling embroidery machine, sequin embroidery machine, high-speed embroidery machine, quilting embroidery machine, towel embroidery machine etc. and is in a leading position in Embroidery Machine Industry. Our company produces almost one thousand machines a year. Its sales market is all over the world. Both at domestic and international markets we enjoy high evaluation and visibility.

Since the inception, we adhered to a policy to develop which keeps high quality at its life and customer to its heart devoting itself to Technological Innovation, Product Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction by continuously strengthening internal management. "Goodluck" brand embroidery machine produced by our company in all different kinds has superior performance and high quality. We can produce all kinds of machines in all different specifications according to customer’s requirement and needs. We produce machine that has at most 88 heads, 15 needles and 1500mm x 1600mm embroidery scale. The company keeps "Enterprising and Pioneering" as spirit of enterprise and "First-Class Management, First-Class Service" as its mission and is always on a pursuit of meeting customer’s requirements.

Sincere cooperation and working out on the blueprint together, Bark Exim looks forward to working with you hand in hand to create a better tomorrow!

Our company has its hand in a wide variety of Products as:
  • Flat computerised embroidery machine.
  • Coiling embroidery machine.
  • Sequin embroidery machine.
  • High-speed embroidery machine.
  • Quilting embroidery machine.
  • Chain stitch embroidery machine.
  • Dual Sequins device, Four Sequins, Pearl devices.