About Us

We Chaudhary Textiles (P) Ltd., have woven excellent fabrics comprising linen, 100%linen, Cotton, Corduroy, Industrial Fabrics, Denim, Spandex, Polyester, and blended materials. We incorporated in the year 2005 and have been involved in textile manufacturing adapting fast to the changing fashion trends. At, Chaudhary Textiles (P) Ltd. we believe in imparting quality for product perfection. We also started our new GOTS Certified unit for Organic Fabrics in 2017 at Chhatral named “Symphony Fabrics”.

Driven by an urge to improve and excel we ensure that our fabrics are manufactured by the state-of-the-art machinery verified by a team of Quality Control experts and the output your satisfaction.

Chaudhary Textiles is committed to producing quality products with best services. This commitment has helped the company retain its position as one of the market leader in Cotton Industry and supplier of premium quality lint to the international market.


To consistently remind ourselves of the path that lead us to prominence by delving into and enhancing the professional standards of maintaining product quality and complying with quantified delivery schedules.


To positively impact the lives of all its stakeholders by inspiring and sustaining Organic growth across different spheres of its business activities.

Our Policy

1. Conservation Policy
  • We are committed to respect all living and the natural environment.
  • We are committed to never buy or sell endangered animals or plants or the products derived from them.
  • We are committed to avoid disposable items and reuse whatever possible.
  • We are committed to watch out vehicular emission, use public transport wherever possible.
  • We are committed to say no to plastic bags and go for shopping with a cloth/jute bag.
  • We are committed to stop if see anyone burning garbage and suggest the use of leaves for composting and mulching.
  • We are committed to conserve water, energy and paper and make sure its proper use.
  • We are committed to plant and nourish the trees wherever and whenever possible.
  • We are committed not to litter of streets, gardens in the neighbourhood and involve the neighbours for cleanliness drive as well as in the segregation of garbage for composting.
  • We are committed to not pollute the environment so as to degrade the quality of air, soil or water.
  • We are committed to follow Conservation Code and Say with Pride that “I am Environmentally Conscious”
2. Environmental Policy
  • Chaudhary Textiles (P) Ltd., manufacturer of Greige Fabric, Commits to strive for sustainable development through continual improvement management system and legislation for a green, clean , safe and healthy environment with an active participation of all its stake holders.
3. No Discrimination Policy
  • Chaudhary Textiles (P) Ltd., is the Organization, where there is no practice of Discrimination is followed in Hiring, Compensation, Access of Training, Promotion, Termination or Retirement based on Race, Caste, National Origin, Religion, Age Disability, Gender, Marital Status, Sexual Orientation, Union Membership or Political.
4. No Child Labour Policy
  • We at Chaudhary Textile (P) Ltd., will never allow any child who has not completed the age of 14inside the factory premise for work.
  • We strongly encourage “No Child Labour” policy inside our campus.


Our aim is to adopt
  • We are specializing in Lycra cored stretch fabrics in various blends and 100% Linen.
  • We employ the best state-of-the-art textile machinery.
  • In an endeavor to provide the best, our fabrics undergo a strict supervision and the scrutiny by sophisticated testing equipment’s and machines.
  • Use of the best machines like 211 Air jet, Sulzer, Projectile Rapier looms.
  • Our yarns purchase from certified units only.