Since 1998, GAPSAN has been producing high quality Melange Yarn in a wide range of color choices. Gapsan Melange Yarn produces mélange ring-spun yarns and open-end yarns in the range of NE 10/1 and NE 60/1 in high quality. Gapsan’s specialization is on Flam Yarn, Inject Yarn, Muline Yarn, Nope Yarn, Silvery (Lurex), Hairy qualities of mélange yarn. Gapsan’s yarns are generally used in knitting, weaving and socks sectors. The monthly capacity is 450 tons, and the minimum order quantity is 500 kg.

About Us

GAPSAN Melange Yarn factory is one of the first few to start production in Turkey and has been producing quality yarn for the past 22 years. Considering the future prospects, it has invested in high-quality mélange production factories and infrastructure.

GAPSAN Melange Yarn Factory has a young, dynamic, new management and a rich experience of around 22-years of melange and fancy yarn manufacturing. The staff is very much experienced in developing yarn using the latest technologies.

As raw material GAPSAN uses cotton, viscose, bamboo, silk, polyester, linen, crushed, nope, hairy and lurex (silvery). Also, we can produce a mixture of above raw materials in the ratio of 50:50, 70:30 with combed and carded quality. Our yarns are used for knitting and weaving purpose. Also, we can produce anti-bacterial and special dyed yarns in the direction of special demands.

Gapsan Textile, it has been serving with world-class production understanding. Our certificates

  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®,