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HR Terrys now operates from London, providing service across UK, USA and Europe. We are your next door Import & distributor but truly a manufacturer who offers a world class premium towels at a factory price. Our manufacturing facilities are based out of Southern India, warehouse and distribution centres in London. Our unique supply chain model cuts down several intermediary exchange and helps us to share the benefits directly to our customers with a high quality, premium towels in a competitive price and a world class service.

Our product range comprises of a wide range of terry fabrics specifically designed to be fit-for-purpose and high-quality. With a range of contemporary dobby and Jacquard designs, we manufacture bath sheet, bath towel, Hand towel, Bath rug & Bath robes directly from our manufacturing units. With a range of superb bed, bath, table and kitchen linen, our fabrics are sufficiently durable to meet the rigorous demands of a commercial washing process. There are plenty of options for our Customers to choose various custom made products. Please contact us to know more…


A team of local people working on the ground

  • The most experienced team in providing order status and logistic support. We take care of your entire logistics and assure an on-time delivery to a port (or) location of your choice
  • HR Terrys is dedicated to providing an extensive range of performance, specialist and luxury products to leaders in hospitality, healthcare, laundries and retailers around the world.
  • We offer a broad range of superior quality products specifically tailored to meet your needs.
  • Our flexible contracts enable you to tailor your stock to your needs and requirements

Our Network of overseas offices

  • HR Terrys have established overseas offices that each have a team of local national people employed by HR Terrys. Our colleagues on the ground in India are all textile experts with vast experience in developing, sourcing and buying products that we are confident will meet your requirements, whilst maintaining value for money.
  • Having overseas offices with local employees based in the manufacturing countries are key to the success of all the brands within the HR Terrys.