We have well equipped state- of- the art infrastructure with manufacturing facility measuring up to the global standards. Secondly, regular tie up with grey manufacturers helps us to procure raw material on time, at right cost with complete quality assurance.

Our Processing capacity encompasses a variety of Cotton and Synthetic fabrics like 100% Cotton Poplins, Twills, Cambrics, Voiles, Poly Georgette, Viscose Georgette, Poly Chiffons, Rayons, Micro x Micro, Corduroy, PV Fabrics, Moss Crepes, Denims, Embroidery Fabrics, Poly Knits, Lycra Fabrics etc.

We are able to carry on diverse type of printing like Pigment, Procion, Disperse, Resist, Disperse - procion, Brasso, hand tie and die and traditional block printing etc.. on Shirting, Suiting, Dress material, Sarees, etc...



We are also capable of specialized finish like:

  • Bio Finish
  • Macrosand Finish
  • Diamond Finish By Caru
  • Special Calendar Finish from Guarneri Calendar Machine
  • Anti Crease Finish
  • Anti Microbial Finish
  • Flame Retardant Finish
  • Soil Repellent Finish
  • Water Repellent Finish etc...

Modern fabric processing facilities for textiles help us to cater to the demands of the customer on time.


Strong Customer Base

Our company has a very strong diverse customer base both in India as well as Overseas. We have attained the trust of our customers through our values and transparency in dealings, offering them best quality at reasonable cost. We do not consider our customers as business but a part of our family and feel a sense of responsibility towards them.

Our customers are spread across pan India i.e in Southern India, whole of Maharastra including Mumbai and Ulhasnagar, whole of Gujarat, Delhi and Kolkata in West Bengal. We cater to all our customers with prompt delivery and round the clock customer care. We have also set our footprints across the globe with large international clientele.

Integrated Operations

We, at Mahendra Cotton Mills Pvt. Ltd, echo an ideal example of team co-ordination and team spirit. Every aspect of processing right from designing, production, sales and marketing is worked in details in synchronization with all the professionals before the final product is delivered. Hence we stress upon Integrated Operations for best results.
Our designs are driven by our customers’ choice and demand keeping pace with changing trends and styles. This exercise removes the time lag in rectifications and modifications leading to quick processing and delivery.
Similarly the Packing, Sales, Distribution and Accounts departments operate in perfect sync to avoid errors regarding invoicing details and correct delivery on time.

Product Design and Development

We have an in-house dedicated team of skilled designers, working in the office as well as design studios. Our target is set to create 5 new designs every day. The designers work in collaboration with the Production, Sales and Marketing Departments. This co-ordination enables them to develop designs matching the taste of our customers. Our designers delve into great detailing, thus reducing the lead time in designing and its acceptance. These accepted designs can be sent right away for production without any loss of time in rectifications. In short, our design department is fully accomplished to create cutting edge designs which reflect intricate understanding merged with modern sensibilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a large enterprise we are fully aware of our social responsibilities. We have taken several steps in this direction and are more than happy to take up issues for the welfare of the society.
Our foremost initiative is to create ample job opportunities to absorb maximum human resource. Next step is to tap their potential by giving them proper training to make them competent to perform the required job. No sex based discrimination is done in the process of recruitment as our philosophy lies in giving equal opportunities to all. We consider females equally capable as men to undertake a given task.
Our motto is to go green as far as possible in our every day affair. We firmly believe in Recycling and Reuse of resources available in order to protect the environment. We discourage the usage of papers and opt for e-mails and e-documents to the utmost extent. Papers are encouraged to be printed on both sides if required and only in the case of urgency is one sided printed papers preferred. Envelops are also re used to minimise unnecessary wastage. These steps ensure that minimum waste is produced by us, in turn reducing the burden on the environment.
We remember to switch off the lights and all electric and electronic equipments like fans, ACs and computers when not in use. This is mandatory which has to be abided by not only the employees but also our esteemed directors. We firmly believe that change occurs from changing thyself and setting examples for others to follow. These are the ways we do our bit to save our planet and create awareness among others to follow similar steps. We also advocate that decreasing carbon footprints should become a culture rather than just a rule.


Quality Policy

At Mahendra Cotton Mills Pvt. Ltd. we believe that we are defined by our quality. The word quality encompasses a broad characterization rather than just the value of the product. In our view, quality should replicate your ethics and your commitment towards your customers. Hence our policies for impeccable quality are:

  • Stringent quality checking at every step
  • Exceeding the expectations of our esteemed customers
  • Timely delivery
  • Excellent damage proof packaging
  • Customer oriented product design and quality
  • Impeccable and flawless service
  • No room for errors
  • “Promise and Deliver” mantra

Quality Assurance

Mahendra Cotton Mills Pvt. Ltd. is a name that itself stands as a mark of its Quality. Hence our accountability to keep our standards intact obviously increases. We follow strict uncompromising norms at every phase of production and processing of the product. Quality is assured even in our packaging where products are delivered in superior conditions in damage proof, well insulated cartons. Our customers trust us and consider our products as synonym of exceptional quality.


We have applied for ISO 9001:2008 certifications. We will keep you updated about the progress.