About Us

We at Sivanta Spuntex Pvt Ltd represent a vertically integrated textile company with manufacturing facilities of Blow room blended polyester cotton and other yarns.

The company was established in the year 2016 with 25920 spindles has emerged as a global player in the spinning industry with state of Art and Technology plant, with equipment from renowned machinery suppliers from India, Switzerland and Germany. Today the company has an installed capacity of 25920 spindles with 12960 spindles of compact yarn.

Our Management
  • Sh. Narayan Prasad Ajitsaria [Chairman Cum Managing Director ]
  • Sh. Vineet Ajitsaria [Director]
  • Smt.Sweta Ajitsaria [Director ]
  • Sh.Arpit Gupta [Vice President]

Our top priority is providing efficient and reliable services to the customer. We are aware that in order to continue as successful spinners we have to add genuine value to the product. Our experienced staff is familiar with the needs of our clients and well informed about the peculiarities of the yarn markets. We respect the needs of every client and strive to satisfy them.