About Us

SOL INTERNATIONAL is a synonymous to merchandising, product development, quality assurance together through human resources and compliance with production skills. SOL brings together the skilled and the semi skilled minds to built infrastructure, which comprises of a very sound product development team who gives the input of the latest trends keeping in mind the changing forecasts and the constant demands of the fashion industry, these ideas then gets very efficiently converted to high quality merchandise at our associates production facilities having in-house production which is complaint in every aspect meeting all safety and social compliance as per all international requirements. Our associate-factories are having state-of-the-art production facilities specialized to specific product line.


Our vision is to built a strong foot hold for ourselves in the international and domestic market and to be known for our strengths of quality/designs/price and on-time deliveries..


Our objective and aim is very clearly focused to meet up with the changing demands of the fashion trade and to be competitive on the prices and to perform with on time deliveries, keeping in mind quality which is never compromised and we take immense pride on our ability to be able to deliver on time with the most competitive prices.