Company Profile

Founded in the year 1990, with a primary ethic of developing and implementing great ideas, Vaibhav Silks is a renowned name in top-quality fabric manufacturing and delivery services. We have been a pioneer in providing unique fabrics and next-generation solutions to our customers across the globe. With our superior quality products and excellent services, we help customers outperform their competition and stay ahead of the innovation game.

Products and Services

We provide a wide variety of fabrics, including polyester, viscose, nylon, and others. We also specialize in dupattas of various kinds – festive, everyday wear, occasion-specific. We also manufacture and supply uniform sarees which can be used in various industries like hospitality, healthcare, etc.

We have an established network across the globe, making us a leading fabric wholesaler and exporter.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader and provide a business advantage to all our customers by providing superior quality fabrics and collaborative partnership.

Our Mission

Customer First – we strive to put our customers’ needs first and strive to cater to them in the best possible manner.

Why Vaibhav Silks

When you do business with Vaibhav Silks, you can be assured of many advantages.

Superior Quality

Being an ISO Certified company, we are committed to bringing nothing but the best for our customers and never compromise on the quality.

Variety of options

From a range of fabrics to colors, we offer a huge selection for our customers. We strive to bring a range of products that meet every need of our customers.

Timely delivery

We understand the fast-paced world we live in and that time is of the essence. That is why you can always expect your orders from us will always be delivered to you on time!

End-to-end support

We offer all-round services on our products and orders. With our expert team, you can always find support for any of your queries.

Our Founder & CEO

With an experience of over 25 years in the textile industry, our Founder and CEO, Mr. Devendra Gandhi, is an Indian industrialist and philanthropist. With a passion for providing high quality and innovative solutions in the textile industry, he founded Vaibhav Silks to supply both basic and fancy dyed fabrics all around the world.

Mr. Gandhi believes that people form the backbone of the company. He has built a strong, dedicated, and dextrous team of professionals who make the most of their in-depth knowledge and rich experience. The company believes in delivering unmatched quality products and unparalleled services to our customers. We use nothing but the top-grade yarns and threads and the latest technologies to design and manufacture our entire assortment of fabrics. We are ably supported by an extremely stringent quality control process which uses various parameters to ensure that the best quality products are delivered to our customers.

Guided by Mr. Gandhi’s leadership, sterling qualities, and vision for the future, Vaibhav Silks has established itself among the top manufacturers of fabrics and garments.