Industry Profile and Product Description

Varidhi Cotspin engineers yarns. We produce Ring Spun 100% Cotton Yarn in the count range of Ne 20 to Ne 40. We manufacture contamination free Compact, Combed, Carded and Lycra Yarn. Our yarn is fed into both hosiery and weaving industries. Our avante grande spinning facility houses 29,184 spindles. Our monthly production capacity is of 500 metric tons.

We have a state-of-art, fully automated infrastructure spanning over an area of 25 acres. The factory is located at Dholka. Close landmarks are Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary and Ganpatpura Temple. Factory is located amidst 2 villages Koth and Gangad to ensure manpower facilitation.

Our Ring Spinning setup has 2 lines of Blowroom, 18 Carding Machines, 3 Breaker Draw Frame, 2 Lab Former, 9 Comber, 8 Finisher Draw Frame, 5 Speed Frame, 1824 spindles x 16 Ring Frames culminating into the Link Owner. We have incorporated all the textile spinning machinery from Blow Room to Ring Spinning from LMW limited. Link owner is from Schlafhorst Saurer, Germany. We use Luwa Humidification Plant for optimal manufacturing environment. We have a Yarn Testing Laboratory that uses Uster Tester 6 technologies to ensure yarn evenness. We export yarn to USA, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

With a legacy tracing back to 5 generations, we are pro with all that has been in textiles and why a technology superseded another. Also, the current generation has grabbed the best technical knowledge in textiles from the most reputed institutes and industries. So here’s a perfect fusion of ultime experience with the upmost acumen.