Parmeshwar Prasad Ajitsaria

A stalwart visionary, Mr Parmeshwar has been driving all ventures of Ajitsaria clan for last 47 years. A true pioneer in every sense of the term, he is into textile industry since 1970. We had established our first textile unit V.N. Dyers in 1993 which eventually grew up to be an exemplary composite unit catering to global market.

With his tenacity and vision he spearheaded the foundation, construction and establishment of Varidhi Cotspin. A firm believer of ethics and morality, he stands by the best industry practices. He strives to innovate and give back the best to society.

Ankit Kumar Ajitsaria

With a legacy of textile business and a degree from prime institute, Mr Ankit has been pioneer in initiating and directing new industries specially relating to spinning and weaving. He holds a bachelorette in textile engineering from RMIT, Melbourne(1999). In 2004 he established his first spinning unit under the aegis of V.N. Dyers.

A staunch believer of innovation he ventures for new avenues and strategies that ensure better quality and environmental safety. He implements new research idea and has set many benchmarks for the industry to chase. From the inception he has seen to it that the most innovative and automated technology is employed in Varidhi Cotspin. He carries a vision to take it to unfathomable heights as he caters to his clientele with punctuality, quality and commitment.

Krishna Kumar Ajitsaria

Mr Krishna did his textile engineering from RMIT, Melbourne in 2010. Then on he went on to manufacture and market woven and knitted fabrics. Over the course of time he has grappled the keys that ensure high product quality maintenance and define market trends. With his exuberance and enthusiasm he strives to ensure clientele satisfaction while feeding the qualities our industry needs to focus on. With a staggering legacy, he strives everyday to go beyond the preset marks.

Prabhakar Jha

Mr Prabhakar has been into cotton textile industry since more than 2 decades. He has managed multi-faceted departments like production, system implementation, process improvements and quality and safety assurance. He has an in-depth knowledge of all the stages of industry from machinery selection to yarn production.

With a sound technical knowledge and extensive experience with most prestigious textile industries, Mr Prabhakar continually strives to implement best industry practices and deliver the highest quality product.